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It will take just a few moments to process your request and to activate your personal Toll-Free TeleCenter number. You’ll be able to configure your system and use it immediately. Sign up now, and within minutes you’ll be on your way to simplifying your communications, increasing sales and saving time and money, GUARANTEED!

TeleCenter is just $34.95 per month with a $15.00 One-Time Activation Fee. For this low monthly fee, you’ll have UNLIMITED INBOUND* calling, and outbound access fees for Call Forwarding and Calling Card calls are billed at just 6.9 cents per minute (in 6 second increments).

Due to the shortage of ‘800’ prefix numbers available, we assign an ‘833’, ‘844’, ‘855’, ‘866’, ‘877’ or ‘888’ prefix by default. If you prefer an ‘800’ prefix, you will have the option to make that choice for a one time surcharge of $25 during the sign up process.

We provide a unique referral opportunity that enables you to qualify for FREE Service. Use our TeleFriend feature to share this exciting communication system with as many people as you know. When you do, we will waive the monthly charge if you have referred five other subscribers that have an active account in any given month. Not five new customers every month – just five referred subscribers using the service. Just our way of saying Thank You for spreading the word!

If you begin referring people through the TeleFriend feature immediately after establishing your service you may never pay another TeleCenter bill again!

*Continuous excessive usage may result in your account being switched to a pay per minute plan. COA Network will make every reasonable attempt to contact you before a change to your plan takes effect. Begin the Signup Process below and have your TeleCenter number in just minutes!

Begin the Signup Process below and have your personal number in just minutes

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